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Our Team

We love being here for you

Hoddi Suzuki

Director/Group & Edu. Coordinator

Hoddi has spent the last 10 years working with a variety of people with different illnesses as a chiropractic assistant in a medical office setting. She has witnessed the heartaches, physical trauma, emotional stress, and even discrimination towards people in particular, with invisible illnesses. She has a great respect for the strength of those who consistently battle and struggle, but who rise above their issues. As a founding member of I SEE You!, she wants to make sure that we have the resources available to all who need help. She is the “mom” to her seizure dog Princess Panda, and finds joy in working with her team in educating and supporting the public. 

Tarrah Stout


Tarrah is a mother of 4 children, of which 3 of them have invisible disabilities. She has struggled to find the support and resources that I See You! offers, to benefit her family.  She knows first hand how difficult it can be to be heard. She has worked hard to make sure that she is always there for her children, and has valiantly been charging forward to make sure that everyone has a fair shake in life. Tarrah has been a licensed cosmetologist/makeup artist for over 20 years. She has also been working with non-profit organizations for 10 years.

Lisa Scow


Lisa is a hardworking mother of 2. She is a strong advocate for people with all disabilities, but has chosen to focus on invisible illnesses. As an individual with epilepsy, as well as the sibling of someone with epilepsy, she knows and understands that looks can be deceiving and just because you look “normal” it may not be the case. She is passionate about making sure everyone has a voice and a safe place to come to in times of need. 

Steve Jensen

Director/Development & Funding

Steve graduated from Weber State University with bachelor degrees in English, History, and Recreation. After a few Hazy years, he received his juries doctorate from Indiana University. He is a member of the Utah Bar Association and worked for the juvenile court as a program coordinator and mediator, where he saw  first-hand the need for programs like those offered by the I See You! Foundation. His age is a mystery to both man and beast, but our best guess is somewhere around 25, but only his mother knows for sure.