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I See You! Foundation 

A Resource For Individuals With Invisible Illnesses & Disabilities & Their Families.

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I See You! Foundation

A resource for individuals and with invisible illnesses and disabilities.

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Epilepsy was not new to Hoddi, however her seizure alert dog was.  She had just gotten her dog and was just getting used to having a service dog when she decided to go up to a federal park. She drove up there and parked her car. She hadn’t been in the parking lot very long when an employee approached her and told her that her dog wasn’t allowed there. He was very loud and drawing a crowd as he spoke to her. She told him very quietly, although humiliated and embarrassed, that she was a service dog and that she was allowed to be there. He demanded to see her license and paperwork. As she showed them to him, not knowing it was not required, he told her that “I could easily have ordered false information off of the internet,” and “that if you don’t vacate the premises I will have you arrested and charged with felony trespassing.”

After this experience, She was talking with her friends who also have invisible illnesses, and realized that this type of behavior is not uncommon. Even in this day in age, people are still uneducated on how to treat people with invisible illnesses. It was for this purpose that I See You! Foundation was created.

Art with a Purpose

Our Art with a Purpose classes offer a chance to. Learn about healing through art, and to have a better understanding of coping skills using art. This is also a place to get those creative juices flowing.

Music for Healing

In our Music for Healing classes, we will explore ways how music can be used to express feelings in a healthy way, as well as to learn how music can fight depression, anxiety, and everyday challenges. 

Journaling for Peace

Journaling for Peace is a class to learn how to use different writing techniques to cope with everyday struggles.

Adult/Family Support Groups

Due to Covid-19 All support Groups are on-line via Zoom. You can get the link by emailing us at [email protected]

All Adult Support Groups are every Tuesday at 6:00pm MST

Teenage Support Groups

Due to Covid-19 All support Groups are on-line via Zoom. You can get the link by emailing us at [email protected]

All Teen Support Groups are every Thursday at 6:00pm MST